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Manager: wrug
This is the OFFICIAL WebRing RingMaster Wish Forum. Ideas that WebRing has to improve or update the system will be posted here. RingMasters are encouraged to join this Forum and respond to the posts. We're looking for opinions (for or against) with good supporting reasons (especially if against). Please feel free to discuss these matters in the WebRing Managers' Forum so that any questions you have are answered before you post your opinion. Only one opinion per topic please. Response posts will not be made public so you can feel free to give your honest opinion.

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New Feature - 10/01/2004
The Navigation Code screen in Ring management has been improved to give increased options to those that want to liven up their navbars but don't want to edit the HTML directly. Color options came first, we'll add a checkbox to include the search box or not, and an additional image upload link in the next few days. Any ideas for additional "check box" type customization that could be included? Simple stuff for the most part.

Replied - 10/06/2004
Settings related to ring management, namely aut-management, expiration, and pending approval options have been given a dedicated screen and link in management. The respective links have been removed from the various and sundry places they had existed before. Hopefully this will reduce confusion and simplfy setting of management actions.

Replied - 10/26/2004
A link has been added to the Manage Members action complete confirmation page that will take you back to the manage members page you were on when the action was initiated.

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