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Manager: wrug
This is the OFFICIAL WebRing RingMaster Wish Forum. Ideas that WebRing has to improve or update the system will be posted here. RingMasters are encouraged to join this Forum and respond to the posts. We're looking for opinions (for or against) with good supporting reasons (especially if against). Please feel free to discuss these matters in the WebRing Managers' Forum so that any questions you have are answered before you post your opinion. Only one opinion per topic please. Response posts will not be made public so you can feel free to give your honest opinion.

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New Feature (01/15/2005): Navbar Stack Limited Stack Size - 01/13/2005
In the past it was possible to show either a single navbar (i.e., the one being surfed or the top navbar on the stack), or the full stack.

The full stack has limited value on most content pages, natural appeal on links pages (which we still discourage of course). Now, you can configure HOW MANY navbars to display on your content pages rather than all or one. It has been found that offering a surfer 2-3 to choose from can be more encouraging that showing just one or a stack of 100.

To set this feature use the edit URL settings screen.

operation is *similar* to the single navbar option that has been the default for some time now. If a particular Ring is being navigated then that navbar will "float" to the top of the stack. If no ring is being navigated nothing floats. Following this top navbar the navbars from the top of the stack down are shown until the maximum number of navbars specified is displayed.

A setting of 1 is identical to the single navbar option.
A setting of 2 will show the Ring being navigated and the top navbar on the stack (or second if the first is the Ring being navigated), or the top two navbars if none is being navigated.
And so forth.

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