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RingMasters of

Manager: wrug
This is the OFFICIAL WebRing RingMaster Wish Forum. Ideas that WebRing has to improve or update the system will be posted here. RingMasters are encouraged to join this Forum and respond to the posts. We're looking for opinions (for or against) with good supporting reasons (especially if against). Please feel free to discuss these matters in the WebRing Managers' Forum so that any questions you have are answered before you post your opinion. Only one opinion per topic please. Response posts will not be made public so you can feel free to give your honest opinion.

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Ring creation webring 12/13/2005 (1 posts)
We've introduced changes to eligibility requirements for creating Rings   more
server upgrade system 11/02/2005 (1 posts)
As posted, we've undertaken a significant server upgrade both hardware   more
Change to Site management webring 09/20/2005 (1 posts)
The site management screen has been split into two. This was done to avoid   more
Change to limits on joining rings webring 09/20/2005 (1 posts)
The previous limitation on the number of Rings an individual could join was   more
Change to Navbar customization webring 09/20/2005 (1 posts)
external links are no longer allowed due to the proliferation of ADS on nav   more
New Feature: Hub Layout system 02/17/2005 (1 posts)
In an effort to increase the visibility of Rings and the relevance of the t   more
New Feature: Navbar stack display system 01/13/2005 (1 posts)
We've removed the top line above navbar stacks altogether. It appears   more
New Feature (01/15/2005): Navbar Stack Limited Stack Size system 01/13/2005 (1 posts)
In the past it was possible to show either a single navbar (i.e., the one b   more
New Feature (01/15/2005): Navbar Stack - shfting system 01/13/2005 (1 posts)
This feature is almost obsolete before release, but it may still prove usef   more
New Fature (01/15/2005) - Navbar Stack Counter BETA system 01/13/2005 (1 posts)
Three navbar stack changes will be released on 01/15/2005. These are all a   more
New Feature - Pending Navbars system 01/13/2005 (1 posts)
New submissions, and suspended sites, now have a "full" navbar rather than   more
New Feature - Wizard system 12/10/2004 (1 posts)
The navigation code wizard has been improved considerably of late. It now   more
New Feature - Joining Rings system 12/02/2004 (1 posts)
Changes have been made to the Join This Ring process. Not in how the links   more
New Feature - Stack list page system 11/29/2004 (1 posts)
The "stack list page" - that is, the one that is linked on on navbar stacks   more
New Feature - Directory system 11/29/2004 (1 posts)
We've added a suggestion box in the directry so that you can make sugge   more
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